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How national brands are “killing” private labels

With falling prices and more promotions, national brands are regaining ground on private labels still obsessed in moving upmarket.   In 2015, private labels lost 1 point of market share value even though the number of their references on shelves continues to grow (+ 2% in one year, 24% in ten years).   Since 1997, the market share of private labels, after rising more than ten points ... Read more >>>

Snacking market continues its linear quest

Snacking market is gaining weight and this should not stop to refer to the conclusions of the last Xerfi study, which has just been published. New consumption habits of the French, with a shortening of the lunch time especially, benefit to the sector which recorded an increase of 3% between June 2014 and June 2015 on snacking products sold in supermarkets. More than an passing fad, the trend ... Read more >>>

Gaspacho in France

I) The market  The cold soup market is a niche market in France which represents 6 300 tonnes in volume (to compare in Spain, it’s 30 000 tonnes) and 21.8 million euros in value in 2011. It’s a dynamic market in value in 2011 which increased by 15,6% and in volume by 11,6%.  II) The players in this market  Market shares in value  Alvalle is the leader ... Read more >>>

Cdiscount launches a food offer in Paris with Franprix

Cdiscount will work with 14 Franprix stores to deliver food shopping in Paris, Neuilly and Levallois, just 1H30 after ordering. The service is called "Alimentaire Express" (« Food Express »).   The Franprix brand does not appear explicitly and the products are sold around 7% more expensive than in stores.   Theispartnership with Franprix enables Cdiscount ... Read more >>>

Private Labels in France

- 100% of the french buy private label - 668 articles bought per year - 80,5 buying acts per year - 1057€ spent per year in the private labels - 75% of the french people think private labels are a good value for money The private label is in decline since 2-3 years due to the gap reduction between the private labels and the national brands (28% of the offer). The reasons of the decline ... Read more >>>
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