Private Labels in France

- 100% of the french buy private label
- 668 articles bought per year
- 80,5 buying acts per year
- 1057€ spent per year in the private labels
- 75% of the french people think private labels are a good value for money

The private label is in decline since 2-3 years due to the gap reduction between the private labels and the national brands (28% of the offer). The reasons of the decline are mainly : 

- Less promotions on private label than on national brands
- Structural gap reduction between the national brand and the private label prices.
- Less innovation on private label than on national brands.

So, the supermarkets put in place new strategies :

- Going on niche sectors : « saveur d’ailleurs » @ Casino => Sashimis and Yakitoris - « Les creations » @ Intermarché => Premium - « Bon app’ envie du jour » @ Carrefour => Snacking
  • PREMIUM private label +1,7% and ORGANIC private label +5,5%

  - Having a perfect quality
  - Telling a story to the consumers   

Today Casino group is the leader in term of private label
           => Franprix 38%!
           => Casino Supermarket : 36%
And the most active on the private label in 2015 have been U – Cora and Franprix !!


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