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Evolution of convenience stores in France since 2005

A very interesting dynamic infographic available on Linéaires website shows, year after year, the growth of Retailers’ convenience stores in France :   Read more >>>

Changing Trends in France's Bread Industry

Anna Ryan, Meat Department, Bord Bia- Irish Food Board  France has recently seen a change in consumption habits within their bread industry, with consumers moving away from the traditional French baguette, to speciality and packaged bread products such as bagels, tortilla wraps and pita breads. The change seen is largely caused by changes in the lifestyles of French consumers. Packaged ... Read more >>>

Dairy market : European tendency to overproduction

« The dairy environment remains difficult with very low prices, particularly for skimmed milk powder. » explains Benoît Rouyer, economist at the dairy trade.   And it’s the dairy Europe itself which is the main responsible for the difficult situation crossed by producers. Restoring a more balanced position on the European and global dairy market is not yet ... Read more >>>

Gluten-free pizzas riding high

According to an international study recently published by Mintel, 32% of French say they would like to see a wider range of gluten free pizzas on the market. This trend is worldwide: since 3 years, the number of gluten-free pizza launched worldwide increased by 58%. As for the number of launches of rice flour pizza as an alternative to wheat flour, the increase went from 78% to 90%. According to ... Read more >>>

Gluten free market continues it grows

The ‘gluten-free’ market appeared in France during the 1980s. Over the past 5 years it has continued to thrive, with an annual growth rate of 8.5% on the global market. Today, ‘gluten-free,’ has become significant in terms of creativity, media exposure and most prominently, market growth.   Displaying a double-digit growth (up by 30% in 2014 ), this market will ... Read more >>>
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