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Carrefour, the best Hypermarket for the French

LSA, in partnership with Mobeye, has established a barometer on how clients perceive their Hypermarkets. While in recent years hypermarkets are losing grounds to smaller shops, there are still some leverages for hypermarkets to be more attractive. The study was carried out over 200 hypermarkets of + 2500sqm analysing the feeling and perception of clients through a questionnaire filled in on the grounds. ... Read more >>>

Possible alliance between Triskalia and the D’Aucy group ?

The groups D’Aucy and Triskalia announced last December their intention to join forces to build a new agri-food project. The first objective of the project would be to support the transforming market of the agriculture sector in Brittany caused by the implementation of technologic and agronomic innovations as well as research and development of new opportunities for members. The second objective ... Read more >>>

What are the best launches of organic products for 2017?

In 2017, organic products have contributed to 40%of the growth of the CPG, mainly due to the development of new national brands. According to Nielsen, the best product launch (outside of the 100% organic brands) on food and alcohol-free drinks goes to Côte d’Or for its organic chocolate bars with €2m turnover generated over the six first period launches (Hyper and supermarkets). Côte ... Read more >>>

The French are developing a taste for exotic fruits

In France, 60% of fruits are imported. This enables to widen the range of fruits on the shelves which either cannot be grown in France or with fruits offered out of season says Interfel. Apples are leading the list of fruits consumed by the French in 2016 and at second place we find citrus. 25 kilograms are consumed per households (of which 46% are oranges, 33 clementines-mandarines, 10% grapefruits ... Read more >>>

Baker and sandwich shops: representing a key role on the Food Service’s market in France

The Food Service market is recovering in France. According to NPD, the number of visits would even have progressed by 0.7% in 2017. While this trend differs from sector to sector, sandwich’s shops and baker’s shops are doing well with the number of visits going up to 1.3% over the same period (representing 1209m of visits). Visitors there can be seen all day long in France, partly due ... Read more >>>

The 3 pillars of the new Carrefour

Alexandre Bompard – Carrefour new CEO since July 2017 - has released his plan for Carrefour 2022, and the roadmap to follow for the next 5 years. There will be a deep restructuration, especially in France where it makes 45% of its global turnover (€88bn). The 1st pillar : a restructuration at all levels This will be done with the view to reduce costs. This restructuration will impact ... Read more >>>

Snacking in Hyper and supermarkets: growth forecast for 2018-2019/what growth rate to expect for 2018-2019

Exclusively for LSA, NPD releases its forecast for the snakcing sector over the next couple of years.  On the sales side, NPD’s forecast is positive, as sales for 2017 increased by 2% (equivalent to €2576m) and they should progress by 3% in 2018 and 3% again in 2019. On the number of visits to fast foods and take-away stores, the forecast is also positive. The number of visits to ... Read more >>>

2017: Difficult times for Casino and Carrefour

2017 was not a great year for Casino and Carrefour. Carrefour has lost some market shares in France, mainly due to its supermarkets which are suffering. The positive note is to be found on the international side. Indeed, while its turnover for France is equivalent to €40.096billion, its turnover abroad is of €48.144bn. With regard to the Casino group, its turnover for France distribution ... Read more >>>
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