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A responsible use of antibiotics in animal nutrition

The Austrian company BIOMIN organized earlier this year a symposium dedicated to the responsible use of antibiotics in modern poultry production. Since 2006 and the ban on using antibiotics in poultry nutrition in the view of making them bigger, the use of antibiotics is decreasing. Biomin has been engaged over several years into the suppression of medicines within animal nutrition. “Our ... Read more >>>

E. Leclerc is losing grounds

LSA got hold of the whole of the market shares of distributor groups issued by Kantar Worldpanel for the 4th period of the year (19 March to 15 April). E. Leclerc falls by -0.3 point to 21.1%. This is quite a surprise for a group used to be in the leadership position to the point of taking over Carrefour during 2017. It is the 4th period of decline for E. Leclerc, which is a situation that has never ... Read more >>>

Nutrition: French consumers looking for proofs

Following a research carried out by INRA and the University of Paris-XIII, Nutri-Set Santé reveals that “an increased of 10% in the proportion of ultra-processed ingredients in food diet appears to be associated with an increase of over 10% of risks to develop cancer”. As such, consumers have lost confidence in food products. And this is reinforced by Scientists, NGOs and the media ... Read more >>>

The new food habits of the French

The food market is good through a deep transformation with the emergence of gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, organic products and so on. The French have more and more an appetite for alternative products. According to a study Bjorg, Bonneterre and Compagnie carried out by OpinionWay last September, only 4% are buying organic products or Fair Trade products. The rest of the people surveyed are mixing ... Read more >>>

French Gourmets have an appetite for Italian deli meats

Aside from the traditional Parma ham, Italian deli meats in France are not that well known. Alessandra Pierini, MD at Rapp grocery, specialized in the sales of Italian products, says: “The French only know a small proportion of the Italian offer, but their appetite for it is undeniable”. Salami is the most consumed Italian deli meat in France, followed by Aoste ham and raw Italian ham. ... Read more >>>

Pastries meet all expectations

With a growth of 4.1% in value (€2.3 bn turnover) and a growth in volume of 2.5%, the pastry market is doing very well. Cécile Dubois-Vénière, Brand Manager at Brossard, gives three reasons for this : « Performing shelves displays, brands that innovate and attractive promotional offers ». Looking at the product format, consumers’ preference goes to individual ... Read more >>>

Carrefour and Système U get together for the purchasing

Carrefour and Système U have just declared today finalising a cooperation agreement for purchasing for a period of 5 years. This cooperation agreement will focus on negotiating the prurchasing from big national and international brands. Commercial and promotional policies will remain under the responsibility of each Carrefour and Système U. They are also strenghtening their commitment ... Read more >>>

Energy drinks keep their strenghts

Their weak penetration rate in France compared to larger European markets means energy drinks have a strong potential. Indeed, while soft-drinks were up +0.4%  in value in 2017, energy drinks were the 3rd contributor to the soft-drinks market in value and in volume. Their turnover was up +7.6%, equivalent to €199.9M. « Energy drinks are valued, with an average price per liter three ... Read more >>>

Carrefour opens a premium Carrefour Market rue de Sèvres

Over 2400sqm on two floors, Carrefour Market rue de Sèvres opened in January in the chic area of Paris. The first level of the shop is dedicated to the fresh food section, traditionnal food and alcoolic drinks with a cellar. « We have designed the store so that furniture disappears to the benefit of the products » says Justine Gilliard, Store Director. « Our goal is to offer ... Read more >>>

New era for producers of ice-creams

The ice cream sector is buzzing. Producers are developing new strategies of diversification and are looking at organic opportunities. Strongly linked to the weather conditions, 2017 has been very successful for the sector. Sales progressed by 4.3% in value and 2.4% in volume from April to October 2017 representing a turnover of €921.6M. For 2018, Magnum will widen its tubs range by offering new ... Read more >>>

Global challenges for the breeding of « free-from antibiotics » meat

Around 300 participants from 45 countries attended the Symposium organised by Phileo last Autumn in Rome (Italy). Despite income inequalities, consumers are all keen on poultry and pig breeding which are antibiotics-free. And this is reinforced by the following fact. With the development of their purchasing power, poorer populations (such as in China) increases their meat consumption. « In ... Read more >>>

The self-service catering section gets organic

With €100M turnover, organic products only contributes to 2% of the sales on the self-service catering section. However, sales in value are up +41.1%, consequently manufacturers are developing an appetite for organic products. In addition to specialised brands – Jardin Bio, Cereal Bio, Bjorg – we see classic providers of the self-service catering section offering organic products ... Read more >>>

Organic products are doing well at the self-service refrigerated section

Organic products’ turnover was of 8billion euros in 2017. The turnover for organic products is doing very well at the self-service refrigerated section with 4.2% vs 3.5% for the total of the CPG. It is mainly driven by dairy products (6.7%) and non-dairy fresh products (2.6%) as well as frozen food and ice creams (1.3%) according to IRI’s data. The potential for growth on these three categories ... Read more >>>

Food supermarkets will increase their takes on organic products

With a growth of +20.9%, sales of organic products took off in 2017 to reach an unprecedented level. “It is the strongest progression registered in 5 years, which goes above the 20% mark. This on a market valued to 3.6 billion euros” says Karine Sanouillet, vice-president in charge of retail at Iri. Pushed by consumers looking for quality products, this growth should continue and brands ... Read more >>>

Hypermarkets are opening the doors to organic retail stores

In addition to developing shelf-displays dedicated to organic products, many “classic” distributors are looking at developing a dedicated network to contribute to the “democratisation process for organic products”. Carrefour was first to develop a dedicated network. In 2013, it launched “Carrefour bio” in Paris. 17 Carrefour Bio stores exist to date. The management ... Read more >>>

Buying CPG online: the French opt for the drive

With 2.7bn buying sessions made online, for a total amount of €7.5bn euros in 2017, the French buy their CPG online. Compared to other countries, those numbers are quite high. “France is doing well on this segment with the development of the drives. The United States for instance are behind” said Frederic Valette, Retail Director at Kantar Worldpanel during the Digital Shopper’s ... Read more >>>

Leclerc driven by its hypermarkets and its drives in 2017

Leclerc’s turnover has progressed by 2% last year to reach €37.2bn euros. A performance driven by an increased traffic of 2.5%. The main contributors to the growth of the brand are its 547 hypermarkets and that for the second year in a row. The hypermarkets contributed to 44.2% of the growth (vs. 31.5% in 2016) with an increased turnover of +1.4%. The contribution of internet (drives included) ... Read more >>>

Coop de France Animal nutrition

Last November, Coop de France Animal Nutrition held its annual convention in Paris. Four topics were on the agenda:  1.: how to better respond to market’ needs, in terms of health safety, traceability, with providing better information to consumers; 2.: Resource management: water management, recycling; 3.: Creating and sharing value with the producer member of the cooperative; and 4.: ... Read more >>>

Carrefour, the best Hypermarket for the French

LSA, in partnership with Mobeye, has established a barometer on how clients perceive their Hypermarkets. While in recent years hypermarkets are losing grounds to smaller shops, there are still some leverages for hypermarkets to be more attractive. The study was carried out over 200 hypermarkets of + 2500sqm analysing the feeling and perception of clients through a questionnaire filled in on the grounds. ... Read more >>>
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