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The French Government will finally publish the ordinance on prices

The ordinance on the threshold for reselling at a loss and discounts measures will be presented to the French Cabinet ministers. They should be implemented from 1st of February 2019. Initially, the increase of the threshold for reselling at a loss (+10%) will be compulsory from 1st February. Regard the measures to applying for discounts; they will take place in two stages. From 1st January 2019, ... Read more >>>

Meat-market : who are the French consumers ?

According to a survey from IFOP, the share of consumers eating meat very often has gone down by 7 points in 3 years. On the plus side, the share of consumers eating meat often (several times a week) has gone up by +2 points in 3 years. Only 11% of the people surveyed say they eat meat two to three times a month or less. While the proportion of men tend to eat more meat than women (97% vs 94%), ... Read more >>>

How Carrefour Bio is promoting itself as specialist retailer

Carrefour has reviewed entirely the positioning of its local store Carrefour Bio, which has been struggling to grow (20 stores in 5 years). With the opening of its new outlet in Asnières, we can see what the distributor wants to achieve. The store will spread over 230sqm and offers over 400 products. The average basket should be of €25 euros. The purpose of Carrefour Bio is to enable the ... Read more >>>

Ready meals grow in transparency

The turnover of single portion’s ready-meals has progressed by +2.4% over the last 12 months. If we include vegetable recipes it goes up to 5.3%. Around 60.3% of French households buy them regularly and visit the outlet’ section in average 7.1 times a year. However, with consumers being suspicious with regard to ultra-processed products, ready-meals manufacturers can be concerned. Brands ... Read more >>>

Pastries are shining

The pastry market in hyper & supermarkets is doing well according to Kantar Worldpanel, representing over 550m euros. Its growth is of +4.7% in volume and even +5.5% in value. Thanks to cooking TV shows, cooking books and blogs, the pastry market benefits from positive coverage. While supermarkets may not be the natural place to buy pastries from in France, pastries shelves are flourishing and ... Read more >>>

Food discovery: “The Adventurous Consumer” tipped as top trend for 2019 by Innova Market Insights

Innova Market Insights releases its top 10 trends for 2019. Here are the leading top 3: #1: Discovery of new food: +35% growth in new food & beverage launches with a discovery claim and +17% CAGR of new food & beverage launches with ethnic flavors – consumers are getting more and more adventurous with food, due in part to travelling abroad more often #2 The Plant Kingdom: consumers ... Read more >>>

Auchan France’s restructuration by 113 « life zones »

Auchan’s structuration by format (hypermarkets, supermarkets…) will be changed to address clients’ needs. 113 “life zones” have been defined (and the number will evolve), each gathering what Auchan now calls contact points, which cover both stores and digital sites. “Each life zone will have its own business plan addressing clients’ particular needs locally” ... Read more >>>

Dietetic nutrition: challenges ahead

Dietetic products represent a turnover of €421M, declining -1.6% in a year. The decline of slimming products (-15%) – which are amongst the most expensive products of the dietetic nutrition sector – increases the loss in value. In addition, dietary supplements see their sales decline by -12% in a year, which has a strong impact too as they represent half of the turnover’s sector. ... Read more >>>

The « Yellow reflective jackets » movement: its economic impact is worrying

While they are less people taking part, the hard liners are strengthening their position and distribution warehouses are getting blocked. Retail trade associations are worried. “There have already been great losses, which have not been compensated by anticipated shopping. Last Saturday, several stores were shut, and since then the situation is not back to normal, far from it” says Jacques ... Read more >>>

How will Brexit impact on animal feed?

Siobhan Walsh, 27th October 2018 A ‘no-deal’ Brexit would be “an immense political failure on both sides of the equation” says Prof. Michael Wallace at the R&H Hall Conference. Compound feed used in the Republic of Ireland increased by approximately 3.4% per annum from 2008 to 2017. On this basis, five million tonnes of compound feed would be used this year in the ... Read more >>>

Match has turned the corner

Following a difficult period, when Match had to close a third of its network and accumulated a loss of €100M, Match registers a positive growth for the 3rd year running. Its turnover is now stable, representing €1.05bn in 2017. One of the key aspect when turning around the company was to clarify the project of the company: providing healthy fresh food is at the core of the company known ... Read more >>>

Food industry: consumers want more transparency

Ahead of the SIAL, Kantar TNS released a study carried out across 14 countries. “9/10 consumers want more transparency” says Pascale Grelot-Girard, Director at Kantar TNS. They are after “authentic, healthy and safe products”. Three quarter of them also look for “free-from” products: GMO-free, sugar-free, and so on. The same applies for snacking, a booming segment. ... Read more >>>

The future of Food&Bev at SIAL 2018 Paris - 10 things I’m learning

SIAL Paris 2018 gathered over 160.000 visitors and 7.000 exhibitors. Here are the top 3 key learnings from Kris Michiels Marketing Director & BU lead Refreshment Belux (beverages & ice cream) at Unilever: 1/ Proteins: By 2050, there will be 10 billion people to feed. It is expected that the protein demand will go up by 48%. Beans and peas are a good source of protein [well represented at ... Read more >>>

O’ Marché frais: a new popular brand for Casino

After a first test started a year ago, Casino is working with Quattrucci’s network offering massive discounts on fresh products which is an ideal concept for popular suburb areas.   On 1st January 2019, 12 hyper and supermarkets O’Marche frais will get their FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) supplies from Casino warehouses, 7 will be under the brand Marché Frais Géant ... Read more >>>

Intermarché reinvents itself and go after the city centres

Thierry Cotillard, president of ITM Alimentaire says “city centres and digital technologies are growing markets in our sector. Not to take them into account means getting ready to lose two billion euros by 5 to 6 years”. City centre food shopping represents around 14 billion euros worth of sales, of which half is made in Paris. By Spring 2019, Intermarché will open a new concept ... Read more >>>

Innovation: trends that get confirmed at the SIAL

XTC, partnering with SIAL on innovation has looked at over 2500 new products at the show. Here are the key trends on the frozen food section selected by Le Monde Du Surgele. 1/ Taste: Powerful and natural flavours. With flavouring ingredients such as ginger or saffron, chilli pepper or truffle, daily products are magnified and get a strong personality. Powerful taste is also conferred through manufacturing ... Read more >>>


Animal feed was well represented again at the Space this year, with over 200 exhibitors in this category. In terms of innovations, Denkavit was awarded a price for its piglet product. On the side of service companies, the hallways were buzzing with the news of ADM buying out Neovia. What will happen for the organisation of the service companies of the group, Inzo, Prisma and Evialis? Time is gone ... Read more >>>

Rayon Boissons releases the top 20 new products for this fall

Beers under private labels are well represented in the ranking. Amongst them, Casino is launching its own artisanal beers “La Collective du Houblon”. Auchan is following in Systeme U, Leclerc and now Casino’s footsteps with its private label gluten-free beer “Sterling”. “Sterling” is certified from organic agriculture. Auchan releases a me-too of Desperados ... Read more >>>

How Auchan Drive is expanding its presence

Auchan has opened its first pedestrian drive in Lille in October. Its offers amongst 10 000 products available for order, with four-times a day deliveries to the drive. The distributor’s objective is to receive 800 orders per week, with an average basket of €40. Additional services will soon be available at the drive, such as free coffee and a posting facility for mail. Thanks to its wide ... Read more >>>
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