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You want to target
or are already targeting
the French market
but want to increase sales!

Why exhibit as part of SUTRALIS SHOWCASE STAND

SUTRALIS package
  1. An opportunity to showcase your product to a French audience on SUTRALIS Showcase Stand 
  2. Additional marketing support: introduction of your profile to a panel of selected French buyers 
  3. A dedicated project manager to organise your product’s showcase at the stand
  4. Two French-speaker stand managers to deal with enquiries and meetings at the stand

If you are interested in showcasing your product on SUTRALIS SHOWCASE STAND,
please get in touch before 16 February 2018:

Mob: + 33 6 58 50 92 82

You are planning to visit SIAL and want to make the most of your visit to better understand the French market...

Please contact us for more info about our VISITOR PACK  
  • Understand the market: French food & drink market presentation with market insights, key trends, advice on how to reach French buyers
  • Test the market: Showcase your product on our showcase website and get buyers feedback
  • Discover the main food trends & latest innovations: Organisation of a food safari in Paris according to your profile (hypermarkets, supermarkets, gourmet stores, specialty stores, etc.)
  • Develop your export sales strategy: One-to-one session with food expert
contact :
Mob: + 33 6 58 50 92 82


Experts in the food & drink market, focusing on natural, innovative and premium products,

Sutralis knows exactly how to navigate the French retail sector, having been in business for a decade, and excels at identifying the gaps in the market, and guiding brands from around the world to develop sales within the French market. With custom-made support solutions, Sutralis has a large network of buyers and retail contacts within supermarkets, hypermarkets, gourmet stores, delis, independents and the foodservice industry across France.

About SIAL Paris  
  • Leading food trade show in Europe
  • 7000 exhibitors, suppliers to the agri-food industry
  • 85% international exhibitors – 105 countries represented
  • France is the most represented country
  • 20 exhibition sectors and food channels
  • Top 5 sectors: meat, dairy products, savoury grocery, frozen foods, sweet grocery
  • 82% of exhibitors were satisfied with their event and 89% would recommend SIAL*
  • Average of 200 meetings per stand, 1/3 new contacts*
  • Meeting place for French buyers and category managers   +33 (0)6 58 50 92 82   @sutralis