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New Consumption Methods for young children

More and more parents are becoming worried for their small children’s diets. When a baby arrives, 40% of parents modify their eating habits. In particular, they change these habits into eating more organic foods. The market share value of organic foods in baby food is 9.5%. When using organic products for their baby, certain parents are reassured and feel like they control the situation better. ... Read more >>>

The new and trendy chia seed

The chia seed has only been on the market for a few years. However, it has already become a very popular and demanded product. In 2015, Europe imported 11 838 tons of this seed, for a total of 26 million euros.  Chia seeds are extremely healthy. They bring energy and endurance, help with digestion, hydrate the skin, and provide magnesium, zinc, and omega-3. There are many ways to eat chia ... Read more >>>

Oils: changes in trends

Consumers look for a variety of things when buying nutritional oils. The ingredients, taste and look of the product are all factors that come into play when a consumer is looking to buy. 78.2% want to know if the product is certified before buying. 56.9% look for the variety in the oil, and only 30% are interested in the taste. The most consumed oil in France is olive oil. Coconut oil is now ... Read more >>>
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