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Gluten-free products go through a rationalisation phase

While the trend for gluten-free products seems to fade away, the consumer target is still growing and the market for such products remains very dynamic and is estimated to be around €110M says Fabrice Sy, Director at Nature & Cie.  Gluten-free products follow the development of a consumption focused on well-being . While lactose-free products seem to be the new rising star on the shelves, ... Read more >>>

The lemonade, an appealing soft drink

In France, the sales values for Lemonades have progressed +4.8% in a year, compared to the other soft drinks which increased only by +0.4% over the same period of time. These sales represent a total of €64million. Especially popular in the summer and its warm temperatures, the lemonade appears to be more appealing than colas as they seem healthier to the consumers. While Lorina and the retailer’s ... Read more >>>

Whisky fairs go premium in French store

“For the last 2 to 3 years, the supermarket brands are bringing up their game by offering a wider range of whiskys with exclusive premium quality once a year” says Mr Stephane Cronier Spirits Marketing Director at Rothschild France Distribution. In addition to the traditional Father’s day, these fairs also take place around the last quarter of the year, ahead of the festive season. ... Read more >>>

Système U centralises its regional purchasing offices into one

After reorganising its IT equipment and logistics, Système U is now grouping its 4 regional purchasing offices into 1 under its new structure U Enseigne. With the objective of reaching 12.5% market share by 2022, the brand is laying the grounds to become more efficient. U Enseigne is operational since the 1st July 2017 and Serge Sapin - CEO of Système U said: “The aim is to simplify ... Read more >>>

The transformation of Simply Market into Auchan Supermarket is gearing up

300 Simply Market stores are due to be changed into Auchan Supermarkets by mid-2018. This change has already started in January, with the plan to convert 110 Simply Market stores by the end of this year. The aim is to increase the rebranded stores’ turnover and so far it seems to be working: the turnover has increased by 25% in the newly transformed Auchan Supermarkets. The aim is also to attract ... Read more >>>

Carrefour Bon App! is getting close to the catering sector

With the snacking market booming - + 13% since the beginning of 2017 – Carrefour Bon App! is increasing its number of stores. With 6 stores today, the brand should have 10 outlets by the end of the year. Carrefour Bon App! is following the development of the food-on-the-go in France and presents a series of sandwiches and salads ready to eat on its shelves. In their latest store in Paris, fruits ... Read more >>>

Uniliver is going 100% dairy-free

Since May 2017, the frozen food section in Carrefour is offering a new range of ice creams developed by Miko Unilever, vegan friendly, gluten free and lactose free. The range includes ice creams pots and lollies, available in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavours under the name Swedish ice creams. This brand of vegan friendly ice cream based on soja already exists for 10 years in Sweden and has ... Read more >>>

Bonduelle’s new r frozen vegetables recipes

According to an IFOP 2017 survey, 41% of the French consumers have increased their consumption of vegetables over the last two years. Bonduelle is estimating the frozen vegetables market to be at €465m and is planning to surf on this trend as it strenghtens. Its first move will be to offer different recipes for tarts and soups where vegetables are the main ingredient. Bonduelle will offer five ... Read more >>>

Ready-made meals are reinventing themselves

The trend for ready-made meals in France is decreasing, with only canned starters and microwaved meals remaining a popular buy: sales are up respectively +8.2% and + 3.3% compared to last year. The key players in the sector are reinventing themselves by looking at new trends such as the snack market. Charles Christ for instance is offering a serving-one portion of its well known blanquette (veal ... Read more >>>
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